Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to recharge mobile phone with Bitcoin

This post is for those people who have small amount of bitcoins but unable to utilize it due to high transfer fees. For example to transfer $2 from one site to another it takes about $10 as transferring charge. But you can recharge your mobile phone using bitcoins with negligible fees.

1. First go to and select your country. Currently supports 425 operators in 113 countries.

top up your mobile phone with bitcoin

2. Then select your mobile phone service provider.

3. Then input your mobile number along with country code and check the service availability.

4. Then give your valid email address and select the amount for mobile recharge.

5. Next a bitcoin address will be provided and this address is valid for only 14 minutes. You have to send the amount within 14 minutes to recharge your mobile.

top up mobile with bitcoin using bitrefill

6. Within 10 minutes, your mobile will be recharged. You will get a confirmation mail in your email address.

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