Friday, October 24, 2014

SOLVED: Stuck at the BIOS screen after update BIOS version 0099

Struck at BIOS screen is the most common problem after BIOS update. Many people face this issue after BIOS update to 0099 version for the Intel DH61BE, DH61CR, DH61DL, DH61WW, DH61SA, DH61ZE series motherboards.

Recently I have faced the same type of problem but I have managed to solve it. My motherboard is Intel DH61SA classic series and my motherboard's BIOS version was 0048.

If your BIOS version is 0048 and you are trying to update it to latest 0120 version then first you have to update it to 0099 version and only then you can update it to latest BIOS version 0120. (As per Intel's BIOS Update release Notes)

I prefer F7 BIOS Flash Update. I downloaded the two BIOS update files from Intel's website namely and files. I used a FAT32 formatted pendrive for this purpose. I copied the and files in the pendrive. File is used to update the BIOS to version 0099 and is used to update the BIOS to version 0120.

First connect your pendrive to a USB port and restart the computer. In the BIOS start-up screen, select BIOS update option by pressing F7 and then select the pendrive and then choose file for BIOS update. After successful BIOS update restart your computer and in my case, my computer struck at BIOS screen after restart. Only BIOS settings was accessible but my computer was not booting into operating system.

What you have to do now is to restart your computer again and from the BIOS screen press F7 for BIOS update. Then select your pendrive and choose the latest file for another update. There might be two cases:

1. Successful BIOS update and booting computer into Operating System.

or 2. Failed BIOS update and erroneous BIOS.

In my case, it was the 2nd case.

What you should do for the 2nd case? Answer: Just shut down your computer and unplug power cable. Then open your computer case and find the 3 pin jumper on your motherboard. Remove the jumper and then power on your computer (your pendrive must be connected to the USB port). An automatic BIOS recovery will start and wait till it completes.

solution for bios update failure and bios recovery

Then shut down your computer and remove the pendrive. Then put the jumper back to it's original location on your motherboard. After that restart your computer.

And then finally, I have repaired my BIOS and my computer booted into OS.

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Rahul kumar said...

thanks its working

Leonardo Peralta said...

Muchas gracias por tu aporte amigo, sin embargo, mi problema es algo particular, espero puedas ayudarme. Mi placa base es una Intel DH61CR y he logrado actualizar la BIOS a la versión 0099 tal como lo indican las líneas en la página de intel. Ahora lo que no he podido lograr es actualizar la BIOS a la versión 0120, con ninguno de los 3 métodos dispuestos en la página. Realizando el procedimiento que describes al final puedo lograr esto? puedo actualizar mi BIOS a la última versión 0120? lo necesito ya que estoy teniendo problemas específicamente con el audio (soy músico) y lo necesito, sé que la actualización de la BIOS corrige muchos de estos inconvenientes. Ayúdame a actualizar mi BIOS a la última versión 0120 please, te lo agradezco enormemente de antemano. Saludos...! said...

Thanks a lot ! I had to reactivate AHCI on secondary SATA and yabadabadoom: success

oscar99 said...

Thank You!!!!

BP said...

thanks , it worked!!!

thirupa said...

I am not accessible my bios
It shows blank screen

Unknown said...

Hello myself Abzee i tried just the way you told but it did not work with me my mother board is dh61ww so how can i fix this.

at first i was updated by bios.EXE then my system restarted and entered in to bios update but after few sec my pc restarted before the process is completed and when i open boot menu it show bios version is 0099 but it stucks in boot menu only, so please help me to solve this.

Andy Key said...

I'm literally crying ;_; without your comment I would have been stuck forever. A million thanks kind sir

Malik Sahib said...

The only way to rectify this if above method fails is by visiting a local motherboard repair guy who will replace your bios chip and then update it till 048 only....

Arjun Chandran said...

Thanks man! This helped me a lot!!!

Martin said...

Dear Mr. Siddhartha Narayan Pal, this help me a lot!
Many, many thanks for sharing this ..!!

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