Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to repair Firefox error - Couldn't load XPCOM

Recently I've faced a problem while launching Firefox browser. I got an error message - "Couldn't load XPCOM.". And whenever I tried to launch firefox, I got this message. This message indicated the failure of loading XPCOM.DLL file. I restarted the computer, but nothing happened. Problem was not solved.

I found a solution to fix this issue. I came to know that reinstalling firefox would not delete bookmarks or saved passwords or extensions. It would not override or delete any firefox profile. So I decided to reinstall firefox. I downloaded the latest version of firefox and reinstalled it. After installation, this problem was solved and I found that my bookmarks, extensions and saved passwords were not lost.

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david lubinski said...
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MyCoolFundas TechBlog said...

@david lubinski : you can use other browser (IE or Google Chrome) to download latest version of firefox.

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