Friday, March 22, 2013

How to import Facebook Birthdays & Events to Google Calendar

Usually Facebook calender stores friend's birthdays and manages events. But the calender of our phone or tablet syncs with Google calender by default. So we need a technique to sync Facebook calendar with Google calendar. Now I'll tell you how to sync Facebook calender, birthdays and events with Google calender.
  • Login to Facebook.
  • Click on "Events" in the left side.
  • google calendar
  • On the top there is a button named "Today"
  • Click on its right end.
  • google calendar
  • A dropdown menu will open.
  • Click on export.
  • A popup box will open.
  • google calendar
  • Now, if you want to import your friends' birthday calender to Google calendar then right click on "export your friends' birthdays" and copy link address.
  • If you can to import upcoming events to Google calendar then right click on "upcoming events" and copy link address.
  • Then open Google calendar.
  • Click on the "Other calendars" (below left side)
  • google calendar
  • Click on "Add by URL"
  • Paste the copied link address.
  • Click on "Add calendar".
Now you can find your Facebook friend's birthday alerts or events in your Google calendar.

Watch the following video for better understanding:-

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