Friday, March 22, 2013

Best Custom ROM ( Hyperion 8 ) for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

An excellent custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 has released. I’m using this ROM for quite some time. It has no bugs and very stable. It runs very smooth and fast. No more lag. If we clear memory through task manager, it shows only 116mb memory is used. Very satisfying result.  Name of the ROM is Hyperion 8. It can be downloaded from the following link:-

Download Link:-

Recompressed APKS
Optimized APK Images
Apps2SD enabled

15 Toggle Notification Drawer
6 Lockscreens
Status bar Tweaks + TEAM battery bar
4-way Reboot Options
Expanded Power Menu

No SMS Bug
No false Android version
No useless features
Least branding

EXT4 File System Support
Swap Support
BaCeM Tweak
UnderVolt Support
Firewall Support (DroidWall Open-Source Project)
Ad-blocking host file

Supercharged Hyperion Core v2 with Adrenaline Engine v4.4
Transparent JellyBean user interface
Ear-gasmic sound quality
Integrated Autostart manager, Firewall and Network Unlocker
Modular system structure
System Replacer

Force GPU Rendering - Force use of GPU for 2D rendering
Disable HW overlays - Always use GPU for screen compositing
Allow purging of assets - Purging of bitmap memory assets allows freeing of more RAM when needed (you can now get as low as 85-90mb used RAM)
32bit transparency - Better graphics performance and full transparency support

Installation Procedure:-
First you have to ROOT your phone. See this instruction to ROOT your phone :
After ROOT your phone follow the following instructions:
  • Go to Stock Recovery
  • Wipe Data
  • Wipe Cache
  • Install Update from sd card
  • Reboot
Hyperion 8 GM Final ROM Released: Link

Thanks to: Hyperion - Titan of the East :

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Avinash said...

Thanks for posting this article.
I downloaded the Hyperion 8 ROM for my galaxy y s5360.followed all instructions and installed it.after rebooting my phone started with its default rom [no hyperion 8 !! ] system. Everything was fine except I was unable to make or receive calls !! The process had wiped out my IMEI and I had to take this damn thing to Samsung customer care.upon seeing a rooted phone those guys treated me as if I have committed a murder and they only are authorised to restore my IMEI .
Now I have rooted my phone again!! Can anyone please tell me what went wrong and how I can install custom ROM without losing my IMEI. if i have to again go to those cc guys they may hang me without any enquiry !! youtube videos lack any clarity and totally useless to learn anything.So a written tutorial that explains everything is sought.

Siddhartha Pal said...

if you have bricked your phone or lost IMEI then, check this link :

Dip Pokhrel said...

can you say ..i am not able to install google play services ...incompatible with other application sharing same resource id

Mike Angelo Santiago said...

how to restore my original stock rom

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